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Business Inspection

Business Inspection

PrintWeek have conducted a Business Inspection focussing on 'Realigning production capabilities'.

The article explores the strategic business decisions surrounding the acquisition of the new KBA 6 colour Rapida 106 B1 press.

Business Inspection

We initially thought that we would go for another perfecting press, says Branch. As we spoke to our customers, that changed.

Print is recognised and valued as part of the marketing mix for its unique features - it's tactile and sensual. It engages the senses and conveys quality. Customers wanted to use special materials and to make more use of coatings.

If you are interested in the decision making process, want to know more about the use of special materials, or are intrigued by the use of coatings, please do not hesitate to contact Alison Branch Managing Director on: or 020 7055 6556