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Uncompromising value
With a history that dates back over 250 years, our customer is a UK ‘Top 5’ auctioneer of Fine and Contemporary Art, Antiques and Antiquarian Books.  This company is the only UK stock exchange-listed firm of auctioneers.

The challenge
Our customer has the broadest and most regular calendar of specialist catalogued sales in the industry - over 150 a year. Printing of the highest quality, with the fastest turnaround times and great prices, are expected at all times.

Our solution
Park’s unique experience in this sector, combined with an ISO 12647 colour management system, ensures superior colour consistency regardless of the tightest deadlines.  Having four printing presses provides the capacity to print catalogues quickly, and a flexibility in production planning.  After working on several projects, some produced simultaneously, our customer was convinced that the team at Park was more than capable of meeting their speed, quality and value requirements as a single supplier.  The faster production schedules - four days from sign-off to delivery - gave our customer additional time in which to assemble lots and create the artwork for the catalogues.

Park’s account director, who specialises in the auction sector, provides proactive advice which aids the design process, reduces paper waste and streamlines mailing.  He is now seen as an integral member of our customer’s catalogue publishing team.

“Park is regarded as a refreshing change to the printers that we have used in the past. The people there are open and professional, and see it as their job to try to add value wherever they can.”

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