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Park provides one of our agency customers with property printing services. They are a design, marketing and PR consultancy that represents a selection of exclusive property owners. They had an opportunity to pitch to a VERY high profile client, but timings were tight, the pitch was the very next day!


The challenge

The brief to us was to produce a luxurious presentation fit to be shown to a king!  We were alerted to this at 09.00hrs one morning, with copies required by 20.30hrs that evening.

Our solution

Obviously digital printing was the way forward. It was agreed that the presentation was to be post screw bound with a heavy cloth lined front and back cover, foiled on the face, and was to sit within a high quality cloth lined box, foiled on its top, with a protective foam insert.

The foiling die artwork for the box and cover arrived at 10.15hrs. This was sent immediately to the die-maker company, which completed it by 16.30hrs, ready for collection (dies usually take 48 hours to produce).

Artwork for the text and positional guides for the foil arrived at 13.30hrs. The text was printed on our HP Indigo 7800 and text blocks sent to our binding partner at 17.30hrs to coincide with the receipt of the die. Our partner immediately prioritised our project, (reflecting the strength of the relationship with us), lined, made up and foiled the boxes and then laser cut and inserted the foam. The pre-cut cover boards and spine for the brochure were lined with cloth externally and with paper internally before being foiled and drilled, and the text bound in with 3 brass screws.

The 4 finished copies were delivered by hand at 20.00hrs.


The results

* A luxurious, visually stunning, differentiated presentation piece which conveyed perfectly the agency's brand and positioning, and displayed beautifully the company’s property portfolio

* Vibrant colour, and detail throughout

* Clean, smooth solid coverage pages

* Well executed foiling, and post screw binding, with unusually heavy cover

* Well executed foiled box with foam insert

* Delivered within 10 hours of the first notification of the project


To discuss your property printing requirements with Park please contact Alison Branch on:



“Having Park as our partner enables us to be highly responsive and deliver creative, unique and stunning marketing pieces.”

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