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David Collins Studio: Retail Journal
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Established in 1985, David Collins Studio is an Architectural based consultancy which has redefined luxury interior design on a global scale.

They chose Park to print the Retail Journal in December 2014 after hearing of our reputation for collaborating with luxury brands.


The challenge

The Retail Journal is a marketing piece for David Collins Studio, who say they are: “creative, commercially minded, strive for innovation and refinement, and add value to a brand.”  Park had to make sure each of these elements was reflected in the production of the Retail Journal to further add value to their brand.


Our solution

Park suggested using a Colorplan Bright White Morocco Finish to add a tactile feel to the cover of the journal, and a silver foil to add a touch of luxury.  Pop'set Grey was used to create a deliberate beginning and end, to separate the more mundane information from the beautiful images and customer quotes.

A 200# screen and our uncoated plate profile, together with hard drying inks also adapted for uncoated materials, were used, giving excellent detail, vibrancy and colour consistency throughout.

Proofs were supplied as hi-res Epson proofs on uncoated paper, with running sheets sent to the customer adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets.  Park’s Colour Manager accurately matched the signed-off proofs on press.

52 binding sections created by the 14 x 2pp tip-ins required 3 passes on the PUR binder, giving good cross spine match-ups, colour and positioning.

A member of the Park production team supervised the foiling at the outworker.

This report has been shortlisted in the Book & Booklets category in the Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2015. 

‘The Retail Journal was sent to the Studio’s most important customers and prospects. The response has been very positive indeed. It is a very nice piece. The project management service was excellent: detailed, clear, professional and responsive.’

Haaken Spencer, David Collins Studio

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