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The challenge
Two separate productions were in-hand: an annual report, and a corporate financing project.  These were planned to be produced and mailed separately.   However, just prior to the printing of the first document package, and in order to reduce overall costs, we were asked to combine the two projects into one mailing – two main documents and 15 ancillary documents.

Our solution
The decision to combine the two projects together for a single mailing on a new date, and the sensitive nature of the information being released, meant the project had to be carefully re-scheduled, working in close partnership with the company’s lawyers and advisors.

The typesetting of the 17 documents, which included the design of the various voting forms, was also impacted, not least by the requirement to have a very large number of pages corrected and proofed all at the same time.  This was achieved smoothly by our team of typesetters, artworkers and readers who provide a round the clock service. 

The 9,000 copies of a 160 page prospectus were printed and bound within 24 hours of UK Listing Authority approval.  The Annual Report was approved and 11,000 copies of the 68 page document were printed and bound at the same time.

For reasons of data protection, the shareholder information was supplied via a secure route and record counts verified.  We then consolidated the two separate and very complex mailing matrixes into one.  Data was then sorted, and restricted territories extracted and separated.

A complete ‘test pack’ of each mailing cell was compiled for approval by our customer, prior to the shareholders’ packs being prepared and released to Royal Mail.

Park completed the project by supplying an automated word and text file of the approved documents, ready for the client to upload directly into the announcement software.

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