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Government annual report
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Quality at exceptional speed and to the highest environmental standards
The Crown Estate is a commercial property business with a capital value of £8.6 billion and annual profits of £252.6 million.  Working closely with the Government, the Crown Estate is tasked with enhancing the value of the property portfolio.
The challenge
The Crown Estate needed a printer with exacting standards and the highest environmental credentials to produce its Annual Report, a 4,000 copy, 88 page text with four page cover.  This report, a major marketing piece, had to be produced within a very demanding schedule and with absolutely no loss of quality.
Our solution
Each colour was measured for weight, dot gain and grey balance, and accuracy of special colours was achieved using a spectrophotometer to measure LAB values.  Accurate colour reproduction was ensured by working to ISO 12647 colour management targets.

Park produced a digital book proof which allowed The Crown Estate and the design team to check the report in a more ‘finished’ book form.  Each section was press-passed by the design team using Park’s customer rooms.  Folding and binding were completed in-house, facilitating a production turnaround of four working days between sign-off and delivery of finished copies.

The report was produced under our environmental management process which is ISO 14001 and EMAS certified.  Printed on a recycled FSC paper and made CarbonNeutral, the Annual Report carried this imprint to demonstrate The Crown Estate’s environmental responsibility.

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