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Halcyon Gallery Artline: Lorenzo Quinn
  • Halcyon Gallery Artline Lorenzo Quinn
  • Halcyon Gallery Artline Lorenzo Quinn
  • Halcyon Gallery Artline Lorenzo Quinn
  • Halcyon Gallery Artline Lorenzo Quinn

The Halcyon Gallery specialises in modern and contemporary art, working closely with emerging and established international artists.

Lorenzo Quinn, a leading figurative sculptor, launched several new sculptures at an exhibition, curated by the Halcyon Gallery.

Park was chosen as the print partner for the prestigious exhibition catalogue.


The challenge

The catalogue was to be given to prospective buyers (high-net-worth individuals). The Gallery wanted the catalogue to convey the unique and exclusive qualities of the art, but within a relatively modest budget.

The project needed to be produced at the highest quality with exceptional speed as timings were particularly tight.


Our solution

Park were consulted on paper stock and binding options to establish value for money and to keep to the project deadlines.

An advance run of 300 copies, printed on our Indigo 7800 and PUR bound, was produced on an overnight basis, so copies were available for the Gallery’s preview.

Park proposed an alternative brand of paper, saving the customer over £6,000. This allowed the gallery to opt for a case-bound rather than soft-bound book, and remain within budget.

Rather than use an expensive textured cloth, Park proposed a printed wrap for the cover, adding tactility and interest by applying a heavy sandgrain emboss to the laminated sheet, a much more cost effective option. Park undertook tests and prepared full machine dummies to check whether the embossing and laminated sheets could be case-bound successfully.

Each of the artworks were photographed on a grey background made up of 4 process colours. To eliminate blushing on press, Park applied its expert pre-press skills to neutralise the backgrounds.

A fine 240#submima screen was used to hold detail, vibrancy and the smoothness of the backgrounds, and a plate curve refined to achieve the best result from the coated material was applied.

The preview went so well, the gallery decided to use 250 copies of the book at a major Polo event. From receipt of artwork to delivery of the finished case-bound copies, Park had 7 working days (the time usually required to fold and case-bind) to proof, print, laminate, emboss and case-bind.


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"Thanks so much to Park for your hospitality, it was really great to meet everyone. The sheets look fantastic, can’t wait to see the finished article!" - after passing on press, and "Couldn’t be happier, the Directors are over the Moon." - on seeing the finished catalogue

Greg Bartlett, Graphic Designer, Halcyon Gallery

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