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It’s Nice That Annual 2013
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Work of art
The 2013 Annual was very well received by It’s Nice That and their readership.  The book was seen as conveying with greater strength the It’s Nice That brand strategy of championing creativity.  We are especially proud of our team’s innovative approach, finding solutions to satisfy a creative customer with a tight budget.

The challenge
It’s Nice That are champions of creativity within the art and design world.  We were tasked to work with the designer to create a book which showcased their work of 2013.  The challenge was to produce a creative and innovative book within a very tight budget.  A particular extra challenge was the large number and variety of images supplied in various formats, and to maintain the high quality and consistency that flowed throughout the book. 

Our solution
Park proposed the use of Symbol Matt Plus for the coated stock, as this has an interesting matt finish but is competitively priced.  Rather than use an expensive Colorpan for the end papers and first 8 pages of text, Park proposed that the designer chose from the far more cost effective ‘Popset’ range.  Dubletta 3275 cloth was recommended by Park for its duo colour linen finish.

The Park team used their skills to retouch the images to maintain consistency.  Hi-res Epson proofs, run to FOGRA standards, were produced as a colour proof.  Digital book proofs were also produced to enable the customer to check that artwork for cross-spine match-ups worked well. 

Park’s ISO 12647 colour management system allowed us to achieve a very close match to the scatter proofs and excellent colour consistency.  The cover was bound at Diamond Ltd.  A dummy prototype of the cover was produced for a final test ensuring crispness of the foil on the binding cloth to a satisfaction of the designer.

The case bound book produced within 15 days from the sign off within the scheduled timeframe and more importantly within budget.

"The It’s Nice That Annual 2013 was the biggest publication we’ve ever put together and is a project that throws up all sorts of creative and logistical challenges.  Right from the start Park’s team took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve and took us through our options with patience and sensitivity to the different things we needed to juggle.  Their considered suggestions helped us make the Annual the best it could be and as the intensity cranked up around the printing process they were often the calmest people in the room.”

Rob Alderson, It’s Nice That

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