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All that glitters is definitely gold!
A luxury brand like this deserves only the best when it comes to showing off its precious products.


The challenge
Our customer, a winner of many prestigious awards within the luxury goods market, needed a printer experienced in combining high quality print standards with rapid production to meet critical mailing dates.

The campaign comprised four main catalogues, with a total of 22 printed variants, each targeting a different market segment and communications channel.  It was a must that the printed image matched the colour of the precious metal and stones of the original jewellery.
Park was chosen for this high-status project because of our ability to handle multiple versions of high volume productions in short timeframes, while maintaining impeccable standards of reproduction and colour control.


Our solution
Flexibility in the production process was key, as nearly all images would need to be retouched and reproofed to ensure their detail and subtlety was accurately replicated.

First the images were scatter proofed on press to assess what retouching was necessary.   This reduced the subsequent retouching time and therefore the cost.  The customer’s in-house designers worked at Park, using our customer facilities, to review the retouched images; again this reduced the time to get them just right.  Proofs were run to FOGRA standards, ensuring an accurate colour match with the final printed result.  Once approved, each piece of literature was printed and bound.

Our tight control over every aspect of the job, and our 24-hour production capability, minimising the start-to-finish timeline, enabled our customer to adjust quantities to reflect the latest mailing data right up to the start of the print run.

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