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Kemistry Gallery: 100 Years of Graphic Design
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For ten years London’s Kemistry Gallery has been the UK’s leading exhibition space for cutting-edge graphic design.  Recently forced out of its Shoreditch home due to rent rises, Kemistry Gallery is now committed to finding a new permanent space.

Supported by an initial grant from Arts Council England, and by over 500 supporters through Kickstarter (a crowd funding site), Kemistry Gallery hopes to maintain a programme of exhibitions, publications and fundraising activities to support the UK’s graphic design community, and secure the Gallery’s long-term future.

Park were chosen to print the catalogue for an exhibition which was part of a drive to #SaveKemistryGallery.


The challenge

Kemistry Gallery: 100 Years of Graphic Design was sold before, during and after the exhibition for £15 to contribute to the already growing support.  Kemistry wanted to enhance the quality of the catalogue to encourage sales, but reduce the environmental impact, in-line with the aspirations of the creative audience and funders.


Our solution

The Kemistry catalogue was produced under a robust environmental management programme adhering to ISO14001 and EMAS (Park are 1 of 8 printers in the UK to hold this certification).

Under our environmental management programme:

*plates were run using minimal amounts of chemistry and any waste was rendered harmless and recycled

*plates were run under a programme to reduce the amount of water required to process each plate (5% per year)

*plates were collected for recycling after use

*presses run to alcohol levels below 3% and any waste chemistry was recycled

*inks used are vegetable oil based and any waste recycled

*waste paper generated during production was minimised under our programme to reduce overs for make ready

*waste paper was segregated into white and printed waste to maximise recyclability

*electricity use was minimised under Park’s commitment to the Government’s Climate Change Levy Exemption Scheme (reduce electricity by 2% per year)

*all production was carried out in-house to avoid the carbon generated through transport to outworkers

*catalogues were delivered to Kemistry on a vehicle delivering other product to the same area, so keeping carbon emissions generated by transport to the minimum

*paper recommended by Park was Cyclus, a 100% recycled offset

*catalogues were sold at the Kemistry exhibition so avoiding carbon generated through a mailing process.

This report won in the Environmental/Recycled Paper category in the Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2015. 

“Catalogue friggin fantastic. Thank you.”

Graham McCallum, Founder, Kemistry Gallery

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