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A traditional book becomes morphed into a contemporary book
Laura Braun recognises that in contrast to corporate culture, London also provides an environment well suited to the development and survival of small independent businesses.  She was curious about, and wanted to convey these owners and business people through her photography, who, despite unglamorous routines, take pride in their work and have a sense of themselves.
The advice of Park on materials and binding techniques, together with the quality of our image reproduction, enabled the customer to produce an accurate photographers’ record within a book that conveyed solidity, substance and hard work.
The challenge
Métier, Small Businesses in London, contains photography through which Laura Braun sought to capture and convey the essence and character of small-scale independent and specialist businesses in the capital, and that of the people who run them.  Park had to translate that into a printed product.

Our solution
Park proposed Xper for the text, as it has an interesting uncoated matt feel and finish, while holding rich colours and detail when printed.  Park used a specially adapted coated 200# screen to enable this colour and detail to be reproduced.

Meterica Clay was proposed for the dust jacket to provide an interesting texture and colour contrast with the Xper and to convey a feeling of earthiness, solidity and workmanship.

To add further interest and creativity, Park proposed using naked binding with multi-coloured threads.

Proofing included Epson proofs for colour and full production dummies of the naked binding.

Park’s ISO 12647 colour management system allowed us to achieve a very close match to the scatter proofs and excellent colour consistency.

All proofing, printing and folding was carried out in-house.  The naked binding was produced at Diamond Print Services under the close supervision of our production management team.

500 copies were produced in 10 working days.

"I decided to work with Park for my book Métier, Small Businesses in London partly because I had seen examples of work produced by Park, the quality of which was outstanding.  I was not disappointed.  I am very happy with the quality of the print as well as the finishing of my book produced by Park.   Working with Park was really easy.  The team was always helpful, and throughout the project I got the feeling that all members of the team I met on press were really interested in doing their best to produce a beautiful book.  So over all I did have a really good experience working with Park."

Laura Braun, Photographer

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