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Printed Pages, published by It’s Nice That, is an art and design magazine focussing on depth and discovery, combining engaging and accessible content with top-notch design values.

Printed Pages, uses Park's expertise to add value and creativity, improving the quality of their magazine.


The challenge

In 2015, under the scrutiny of a worldwide audience and well renowned stockists, Printed Pages needs to continually impress its extensive readership.  Park’s job is to contribute to the creativity and to maintain the high quality standards despite the incorporation of innovative elements, introduced to ensure that each issue is “riddled with intrigue and demands closer inspection”.


Our solution

Two ‘collectible’ versions of the outer cover were printed in equal quantities without increasing costs (both covers printed on one set of plates).  Individual boxes were packed with equal quantities to ensure both versions were sent to stockists.

We proposed using a mixture of materials: silk, gloss, standard uncoated, smooth hi-white uncoated and a coloured stock to increase visual impact.  To add intrigue, we suggested using different pages sizes.  Four stages of white paper dummies were required, each using a range of different material and page size combinations.

Image and plate profiles specially developed to achieve the best results on each of the materials were applied.  Special hard drying inks for uncoated materials were used.

Hi-resolution Epson proofs on both uncoated paper and coated material were provided.

Print production, folding and binding were completed in-house.  A single advance copy was produced by the bindery to ensure the folding, positioning and binding matched the customer specification, while a member of the Park production team supervised the outworker’s embossing of the cover.

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“After a successful first four issues of Printed Pages, the pressure was on to evolve the product while retaining what people loved about it. Park’s team worked with us to ensure that we could maximise the design values without having to hike the cover price, and their expertise enabled us to make the right decisions (about binding and paper stocks) for the right reasons.”

Rob Alderson, It’s Nice That

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