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Property printing

Park provides one of our agency customers with property printing services. They are a design, marketing and PR consultancy that represents a selection of exclusive property owners. One of their clients, The Landseer building, offers exclusive penthouses overlooking Lords cricket ground.


The challenge

The marketing brochure had to capture the attention and interest of the ten wealthy foreign prospects who had been identified as potential purchasers. The brochure had to convey the luxury and exclusivity of the accommodation and views, while being produced within a challenging 6 working days, to be available at the start of a test match. It was agreed that the brochure would be landscape, of a usually large and therefore eye-catching size, and screw post bound.

Our solution

We recommended that the covers be cased using an unusually thick 6mm board, the thickness adding solidity and the feel of quality. To convey luxury and exclusivity, we proposed that the cases be then wrapped in Winters White Bukano Chocolate with end papers in Colorado Cloth.

We created an internal screw construction with the outer screws countersunk into the board and hidden below the Bukano material. The screws were then powder coated to match the colour of the cloth. The outer cover was then debossed and a brass plaque affixed.

The text was processed using our unique ‘XD Screening’ technology which allows us to process the imagery using a conventional 240# screen, and the floor plans using a 21 micron stochastic screen, both on one printing plate. This produces the most vibrant imagery, while ensuring the tints in the floor plans are smooth and clean.

To maintain maximum detail within the imagery, the cap of 450 dpi image resolution within our workflow system was removed to allow the images to be processed at maximum resolution.

Image and plate profiles adapted to achieve the best results on matt coated paper were applied. The text was then printed to the ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard.

To enable the text pages to open as flat as possible, each page was step creased.


The results

* A luxurious, eye-catching and unique marketing piece conveying the luxury and exclusivity of the penthouses

* Vibrant imagery, and a high level of detail throughout

* Consistent colour throughout

* Good cross-spine match-ups

* Smooth, clean tints in the floor plans

* Well executed and accurate screw post binding

* Delivered within a very fast 6 working days


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“The repro and print are superb, reproducing the textiles, fittings and floorplans to a very high level of detail and colour accuracy. Park's ability to apply a stochastic screen to our floorplans and a fine conventional screen to our images is an essential ingredient in delivering this.”

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