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Schroders Annual Report & Accounts 2014
  • Schroders Annual Report
  • Schroders Annual Report
  • Schroders Annual Report

Schroders is an asset management company employing over 3600 people worldwide, operating from 37 offices in 27 different countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.


The challenge

Park's challenge was to produce a high-class annual report conveying the quality, depth and solidity of Schroders’ offering.

To add a luxurious look-and-feel, Addison (the design agency) included captivating duo tone double-page images.  It was Park's job to ensure the images had maximum impact, retained detail and achieved accurate cross-spine match-ups.  We had to achieve beautifully smooth tints and high colour consistency throughout, and produce the report within 6 working days from pass-for-press in order to meet the ‘no-fail’ despatch date to Schroders’ overseas offices.


Our solution

To achieve maximum impact, we integrated silver and black duo-tones into the double-page images and applied two treatment options which were scatter-proofed on press.  Addison chose the version that most accentuated the highlights and retained the brightness.

All images were then retouched to increase the sharpness and strength, and a 240# conventional screen was applied to ensure a high level of detail, vibrancy and smooth tints.

Image and plate profiles, and ink developed to achieve the best reproduction on coated paper, were used.  Printing was to ISO12647-2 (2013) colour standards.

A specialist Account Manager coordinated the complex mailing and distribution.


The results

*  A high class annual report conveying the quality, depth and solidity of Schroders’ offering

*  Captivating duotone double-page images with good contrast

*  Beautifully smooth tints

*  High colour consistency

*  Accurate cross-spine matchups

*  Produced within 6 working days from pass-for-press


This report was part of the winning entry for the Report and Account Printer of the Year category at the PrintWeek Awards 2015, along with CAPCO, Lloyd's and Jimmy Choo.

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“Thank you so much for all your hard work on the Annual Report. We are delighted with the end product and the black/silver duotones work particularly well.”

Matthew Whyte, Deputy Company Secretary, Schroders plc

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