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Park provides many FTSE 100 companies with a one-point-of-contact service for typesetting, printing and mailing high status printed projects.

The challenge
In addition to Reports and Accounts, for which we are well known, we also print and distribute press briefing packs, CSR reports, ‘whistleblowing’ campaigns and Sharesave schemes.  For a typical Sharesave scheme, the customer usually provides content files for typesetting at Park; in this instance, these totalled 36 different languages.  The challenge was to achieve speed and accuracy of typesetting, version management of the proofs, consistency of ink density across the suite of brochures and ancillary documents, and 100% accuracy of fulfilment and mailing.

Our solution
Twenty five years of working on financial documentation has resulted in tight and very well tested file management procedures for typesetting and proofing.  Park’s experienced typesetters and artworkers prepared each document on an overnight basis, managing the approvals process as each came through.  Once the materials for the brochures were agreed, the paper specific FSC logos were gained.   Commonly, each jurisdiction requires different ancillary documentation, so version control continues throughout the production and fulfilment process.  With the benefit of great technology and very good press minders, the documents were printed with a consistency of colour.  Once printed, bound and fulfilled, and working closely with different couriers for their advice on individual country customs’ requirements, the packaging with appropriate documentation was prepared to ensure a smooth and fast delivery.  

“Delivery is to as many as 95 addresses in over 80 countries. Park provides a professional service with excellent attention to detail in all aspects of their work.  Park also excels with the logistics of these deliveries, which are on-time, despite the need to negotiate with numerous customs organisations.  We rely on Park to typeset, print, fulfil and distribute our Whistleblowing and Sharesave documentation.  These productions require careful control over up to 36 different language variants, each variant with its own ancillary documents.”

Deputy Company Secretary, Top FTSE 100 Company

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