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Print that sings out
Warner/Chappell Music is a dynamic and innovative music publishing company with an enviable catalogue of contemporary hits and popular standards.  It has offices in over 40 countries.

The challenge
To celebrate its milestone 200 years in the music business, Warner/Chappell wanted to produce a limited-edition book, Lyric Art, commemorating its body of work.  Ten leading artists were commissioned to produce artworks, reflecting the spirit of specific compositions, with a modern twist.  Nick Bell Design needed a printer who could produce 2,000 limited edition copies.  The book had to preserve the original format of the artwork and be printed in an environmentally friendly way.

Our solution
Park had to ensure that the printed pages of the artworks reflected the screen-printed originals exactly.  The supplied images were retouched to bring consistency with the artworks, and the method of printing was changed; instead of reversing out and trapping a colour, Park mixed special inks to a colour and opacity that enabled the change in the overprinted ink colour to replicate the change in the ink colour on the original.  Songwriter submissions were sent in various formats (paper, emails and text messages);  we maintained show-through, creases and staples to faithfully match these submissions.  The publication carried the Park environmental imprint and was produced as a CarbonNeutral publication.

“Park were excellent partners – they pulled out all the stops to create and produce a book of exceptional quality. From pagination and planning, to wet-proofs and finishing, they were focused at every stage. Together we produced a beautiful book which Warner/Chappell and their songwriters were extremely happy with.”

David Sudlow, Nick Bell Design

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